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  1. Posted by anjavojinovic10, — Reply

    I’m getting glasses in 4 days and when I told my friends, they were like “hOW mANy FInGErs aM i HoLDinG uP??” And I’ll be like “I’m not that blind Karen, get👏with👏the👏times👏👏👏”

  2. Posted by phorever30, — Reply

    that’s really how it be tho. like every freaking time i take off my glasses people ask: cAn I tRy On YoUr GlAsSeS? like no bitch you can leave me alone...and then they take them and try them on and say: “gAh DaMn YoUrE bLiNd”. like nah shit!!! i got glasses for a reason 😂😭

  3. Posted by slabazzo, — Reply

    or the occasional “CaN I TrY YoUR GlaSSeS On?” like “no thank u. i’m not taking others down into the pit of bad eye sight.” also i’d have the indents on the bridge of my nose sooo i don’t want ppl to see that 😂

  4. Posted by arixella, — Reply

    When I got glasses, my friends were like,”OMG U CAN SEE RIGHT?!” Then they did the holding up fingers and sign thing. I’m like, 😐 you think im blind sis?

  5. Posted by ColorfulSoulz, — Reply

    When I first got glasses I was like 8 or 9. It took a couple weeks for me to actually get them and most kids in my class basically thought I had lost my entire ability to see in that amount of time.😂

  6. Posted by brookely1016, — Reply

    Bro Chinese ppl tho - everyone at school be like “can u see ur eyes are so squinted” I’m like bruh and I say “I dOnT kNow CaN I sEe “ ObvIoUslY yOu CaNt SeE tHaT i HaVe No GlaSsEs”

  7. Posted by tiffanyhortman17, — Reply

    Dude I'm so freaking blind that when i get asked that it looks like they have the powerpuff girls hands... Just one giant blob... No individual fingers

  8. Posted by gamerdano, — Reply

    Like, It’s as if I’m using the blur tool on an editing app and the transparency goes down (like, from almost none to much) the farther I go

  9. Posted by sekhmette, — Reply

    Ok this is something I’m seriously confused about: I don’t wear glasses and I admit I’ve done that before... but those of you who have been in the receiving end of the question know we’re joking right? Like we are aware you can see our fingers fine we’re just trying to annoy you :p

  10. Posted by mybabyriver, — Reply

    Honestly when I was younger I used to act like I couldn’t see without my glasses so I wouldn’t have to play groundy or whatever it’s called

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