24 Things That'll Make You Laugh Through Your Tears


Grab a tissue or two.


  1. Posted by alexandrap2327, — Reply

    he was a good man, always hidden in plain sight 😔 gone too soon

  2. Posted by bobsagthicc, — Reply

    ppl are upset about it being a pic of someone’s grave but i’d be disappointed if someone didnt acknowledge me after death like i’d be hella honored to be a meme

  3. Posted by king2007hk, — Reply

    I agree because rd one people actually care about others and respect others and that is where normal people can get buried so this isn’t a joke. 😖😖

  4. Posted by teaganandgabby, — Reply

    ‘24 things that will make you laugh through your tears’??? Ya I’m finding this death of a human being HILARIOUS! Good lord people. RIP him and I’m sorry for his family

  5. Posted by bubbl3fan, — Reply

    I found Waldo once....I turned the page an had never saw him again..... Until now.....in this grave... May u rest in peace Waldo.....😔🤧

  6. Posted by lexuantam89320, — Reply

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  7. Posted by jonnyrock666, — Reply

    It's just an illusion Waldo is still out there somewhere. This is just like when you find Wenda or one of the kids this is just one of Waldo's tricks

  8. Posted by shenalidj, — Reply

    Hey all u had to do was. Stay. Had me in the palm of ur hand then yd u have to go and lock me out when I let u in??? I’m the only one who got the Taylor swift reference???

  9. Posted by Honey_Bee153, — Reply

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  10. Posted by jazznnae, — Reply

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