Asian parents


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  1. Posted by sl72389chicousdnet, — Reply

    My Aunt wanted me to sweep the floor so I went to go look for the sweep but couldn't find it in its original place so I asked calmly "Where's the sweep?" And her response is just "Are you talking to me?! Don't give me that attitude!" So I gave up there and just went to find the sweep on my own.

  2. Posted by joslindevo53, — Reply

    I remember my mom would always say that she would cut my hair really short like a boy if I didn’t take care of it cause it was so long, but then when I did get a short hair cut she started telling me to grow it back and that she misses my long hair, I’m just like “THINK BEFORE YOU SAY SOMETHING HELLA STUPID THEN”

  3. Posted by pansexualprocrastinator, — Reply

    I can't remember the context for it, but one time my mum asked me to do something and I casually replied with "okay". She then turns around and says "Don't backtalk me. I don't know where this attitude of yours is coming from."

  4. Posted by SiHOcolus, — Reply

    Good for me my Mom is dead and my Father is far away. These Pieces of Wastes (a shame I was their Son) - are the Definition of my Failed lifetime so far.

  5. Posted by akatsukinoy, — Reply

    Not my parents but ME.I treat my little sister like that...! Edit: it's in a joking way!!! we both love pulling each other's leg!!!

  6. Posted by lindthelegend, — Reply

    I was painting a bench and my father couldn't stop criticizing, So I just threw the brush down on the floor and told the old man to do it himself. He was like I am disrespected and etc etc. I went to the bathroom and washed my hands. came back and saw him painting it angrily. So I just leaned on a wall nearby and criticized his work, gave him instructions and made jokes. He didn't know to either laugh or shout at me :D

  7. Posted by braic0118, — Reply

    my dad:“You better shut your mouth when you’re talking to me!”

  8. Posted by potato1068, — Reply

    The only option is to kill them.....

  9. Posted by arthiro93, — Reply

    Same shit different generation, some things never change

  10. Posted by logannfranco, — Reply

    *passive aggressive me saving to board my mom sees*

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