Easy Lentil Potato Soup Recipe


Easy Lentil Potato Soup Recipe - quick and simple to make, chunky, hearty and comforting meal, perfect for the cold weather. Nutritious lentils, rich in protein and fiber, combined with potatoes for a healthy and flavorful soup.


  1. Posted by mrsroach01, — Reply

    So good. I've made this 3 times and each time I add more veggies and/or a little meat (strips of beef, cubed chicken breast, even turkey sausage) for more flavor and it is always tasty. Great recipe as written, and easily modifiable.

  2. Posted by dandsmccoy, — Reply

    Great tasting soup! I love soup and its always nice to find new recipes. This reminded me a lot of beef stew but without the beef:)

  3. Posted by emull1, — Reply

    There was too much salt and pepper for my taste. Next time will use half the amount in the recipe. Otherwise turned out great!

  4. Posted by sophiesmom04, — Reply

    This was fabulous! (I used vegetable broth instead of water.) Definitely will be one of my go-to recipes in the cooler months!

  5. Posted by paulabastonk, — Reply

    Awesome recipe! I skipped the tomato stuff too and blend it in the end. Loved it and would do it again any time soon

  6. Posted by amandamann7, — Reply

    Awesome! Omitted the tomatoes but subbed about 1/4 c pumpkin and 1tbsp lemon juice.

  7. Posted by SimpleKitchen65, — Reply

    Great recipe. I skipped tomato stuff and made with 4 cups chicken broth.

  8. Posted by bruhan, — Reply

    Made 10/14/20..added veggies and quinoa...good!

  9. Posted by sandyfavelo, — Reply

    Lots of good comments, but won’t make again...

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