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  1. Posted by btoward, — Reply

    I did this for years when I was a kid. As an adult, my back kills me. Don't ruin your back because you think this looks cool.

  2. Posted by Nichole_mystreet, — Reply

    i tried this and felt my arms giving out. what i did to avoid falling on my head and hurting myself was slowly lower myself onto my head and roll. don’t hurt yourself!!

  3. Posted by fvckyourtype, — Reply

    PSA and not so fun fact! This ADVANCED level move should only be practiced while in the presence and instruction of a QUALIFIED PROFESSIONAL or by said qualified professional. An Instagram self-proclaimed Yogi Guru (can't remember her name) had a stroke after this move as she hyper-extended her neck and crystals formed. PLEASE BEWARE!! and do NOT practice this move alone!

  4. Posted by margosayahi, — Reply

    When doing any type of pose don’t use props like the wall. You will become dependent on the wall. You want to build up the strength in your body naturally and that means practicing patience and endurance. Also, don’t do this pose in general. Not healthy for the body. Practice headstand if you want to reap more benefits.

  5. Posted by JGRroth00, — Reply

    Hey guys please do not do this if you are not a trained dancer gymnast etc. if you are strong and trained to do this then you do it but this is hard and not good for the average person

  6. Posted by mdr97, — Reply

    Yeah .. for those that have Lower back problems or scoliosis probs not the best move to be doing

  7. Posted by rubyjuly1234, — Reply

    if i do this around my husband ill end up pregnant lol

  8. Posted by lisa_bohannon, — Reply

    What's wrong with simple stretching, why all the possible harmful stuff.

  9. Posted by kitty1231118, — Reply

    honestly u should just build up arm muscle to hold urself up then you should be good

  10. Posted by annchuxx, — Reply

    I just tried and fell on my head

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