The Essential Hospital Bag Guide + Checklist | brit strawbridge


An extensive list of hospital bag essentials for mama, baby + daddy when packing up to meet your new baby (plus a free checklist!)


  1. Posted by danielle7001, — Reply

    This is WAAAY more than you’ll actually need or use!!! Ladies, you’ll likely be moved to multiple rooms for labor/deliver/recovery, and you’ll have to truck what you bring around with you— do not overpack!! The hospital will provide many of these items, does not permit you to bring outside medications, and this will not be a glamorous time.

  2. Posted by newyorkdelight3, — Reply

    Why does dad have to bring wallet and not mum? 🤦🏼‍♀️

  3. Posted by lilvandarling, — Reply

    I can't wait

  4. Posted by uniquehaze, — Reply

    Great I sent this to my sister

  5. Posted by lisettemedina4, — Reply

    Hospital bag

  6. Posted by pip0707, — Reply

    No man should wear flip flops!

  7. Posted by alassmri77, — Reply

    At your service

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